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UAE Govt bans rice export; followed India

The UAE’s Ministry of Economy announced yesterday (July 28) a temporary ban on rice exports and re-exports from the United Arab Emirates. 2023 Ministerial Resolution No. According to 120, the ministry said the move was aimed at ensuring adequate supply of rice in the local market.

The Ministry of Economy stated that the ban, which came into effect yesterday, will be in effect for four months and will apply to the export and re-export of rice imported from India into the UAE, including the country’s Free Zones, after July 20, 2023.

The Ministry also said that this applies to all types of rice, including husked rice (brown rice), fully or partially milled rice (whether it is softened or polished) and broken rice, which fall under the Unified Customs Tariff (1006).

In addition, the Ministry has directed that companies wishing to export or re-export rice obtained in India or elsewhere should submit a request to the Ministry to obtain appropriate permission for the same and all documents to verify the data related to the export, especially the country of origin of the rice, should be attached to the application.

The ministry has further clarified that this permission to export rice will be valid for 30 days from the date of issue and documents will have to be submitted to the customs authorities to complete the procedures.

Requests for this should be submitted electronically through e.economy@antidumping or applicants can directly visit the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy.

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