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UAE aid lorries reach Gaza via Karam Abu Salem crossing

First UAE Convoy Since Rafah Closure Provides Essential Relief Materials; UAE's Ongoing Support Includes Hospitals, Bakeries, and Desalination Plants

UAE Aid Lorries Arrive in Gaza via Karam Abu Salem Crossing

Lorries carrying 80 tonnes of humanitarian aid from the UAE have reached the Gaza Strip through the Karam Abu Salem border crossing. This aid convoy represents the first delivery from the UAE to Gaza since the Rafah border crossing was shut down on May 6, following Israel’s military seizure of control over that route. The closure of Rafah had significantly impacted the flow of essential supplies into the enclave, making this recent delivery a critical development in the ongoing humanitarian efforts.

The convoy was loaded with a range of essential relief materials designed to address the immediate needs of the people in Gaza. The supplies included food parcels, dates, and tents, which are crucial for providing sustenance and shelter to those affected by the ongoing conflict and displacement. Volunteers associated with the Gallant Knight 3 operation have commenced the distribution of these supplies, working to ensure that the aid reaches displaced Palestinians across the Strip efficiently.

This delivery of aid coincides with the departure of another UAE aid shipment. An aid ship carrying urgent humanitarian supplies for Gaza set sail the previous day, heading towards the Egyptian port of Al Arish. This ship is part of a larger initiative by the UAE to provide continuous support to Gaza’s residents amidst the prolonged humanitarian crisis.

Since the launch of the UAE’s aid mission in November, the UAE has been actively involved in providing substantial humanitarian assistance to Gaza. To date, the UAE has delivered a remarkable 33,100 tonnes of urgent supplies to the enclave. This extensive aid operation has involved a considerable logistical effort, including 320 flights, seven ships, and 1,243 lorries used to transport the aid. The figures released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlight the scale and scope of the UAE’s commitment to alleviating the suffering in Gaza.

In addition to these aid deliveries, the UAE’s Gallant Knight 3 operation has made significant contributions to Gaza’s infrastructure. The UAE has established two hospitals in the region: a field hospital located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip and a floating hospital stationed off the coast of Al Arish city. These facilities are designed to provide medical care to the affected population and address the health needs exacerbated by the crisis.

Moreover, the UAE has focused on improving Gaza’s essential services by setting up five automatic bakeries and six desalination plants. The bakeries are designed to address food shortages, while the desalination plants produce 1.2 million gallons (over 4.5 million litres) of clean drinking water daily. This water production is crucial for providing access to safe drinking water for 600,000 people living in Gaza.

Furthermore, the UAE’s aid efforts include delivering a total of 3,382 tonnes of relief supplies to the most isolated and hard-to-reach areas of Gaza via air drops. This method ensures that even those in remote locations receive the necessary aid and support.

Overall, the UAE’s ongoing humanitarian efforts and infrastructural support play a vital role in addressing the urgent needs of Gaza’s residents and providing relief amid challenging conditions.

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