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“The ICON” Electric Yacht Debuts at Abu Dhabi International Boat Show

The ICON, a fully electric battery-powered yacht, made its debut at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show. Developed by Designworks in collaboration with TYDE, this innovative marine vehicle is fully electric and battery-powered, providing foiling operation with 80% energy savings compared to traditional yachts. The yacht, named THE ICON, boasts a length of 13.15 meters and a top speed of 30 knots. It will be exclusively offered to select clientele in the GCC region through THE SILENT POWER.

One of the unique features of THE ICON is its use of hydrofoils, which are underwater wings that significantly reduce energy requirements. This innovation not only enhances energy efficiency but also improves ride comfort and speed. The yacht is equipped with two 100 kW electric motors, offering a nearly silent and vibration-free cruise. The spacious interior, featuring a beam of 4.5 meters, is made possible by the proportions of the hull and the integration of technical components in the center spine. The superstructure is designed with a lightweight structure, allowing passengers to maintain an upright posture throughout the interior.

The design of THE ICON includes a two-tone turquoise and golden color scheme inspired by the sea. The yacht’s extensive glass walls provide passengers with stunning views. The vessel represents a shift toward larger and faster boats in the realm of maritime electromobility, challenging the traditional dominance of combustion engines in this segment.

Represented in the Gulf region by THE SILENT POWER, potential buyers can experience sea trials at the Royal Marina of the Emirates Palace. The inclusion of sound features aboard the yacht was designed by award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, further enhancing the overall experience for passengers. The introduction of THE ICON reflects a significant step toward sustainable and innovative solutions in the marine industry.

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