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South Africa and Chad Recall Diplomats from Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

In the midst of the Israel-Gaza conflict, South Africa and Chad have taken diplomatic measures in response to the situation in Gaza.

South Africa has decided to withdraw all its diplomats from Tel Aviv for consultation, citing the ongoing humanitarian crisis and condemning what they perceive as Israeli atrocities and genocide. This move follows South Africa’s earlier resolution to downgrade its ties with Israel and its consistent condemnation of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Chad, too, has recalled its charge d’affaires to Israel in protest of the situation in Gaza. The Chadian government expressed its indignation at the ongoing conflict and emphasized its condemnation of the loss of innocent lives. They called for a ceasefire that would lead to a lasting resolution of the Palestinian question.

These actions by South Africa and Chad reflect their concerns over the Israel-Gaza conflict and their dedication to promoting peace and stability in the region. Prior to these moves, Turkey also recalled its ambassador to Israel, further indicating the international community’s deep involvement in the situation.

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