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Saudi Ministry Introduces Updated Penalties for Municipal Violations

The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing has initiated the enforcement of revised penalties for municipal violations. The updated framework, approved by the ministry, encompasses various categories of violations, including those related to building construction, commercial activities, public hygiene, and more.

Key Points:

– The maximum penalty for building-related offenses, such as initiating construction without a license, is set at SR50,000, with a minimum fine of SR10,000. Demolition or renovation without proper authorization carries fines ranging from SR2,000 to SR10,000.

– Businesses and establishments have a 30-day grace period for compliance with the updated punitive measures. Fines will be determined based on the type of violation, its recurrence, and the economic status of the city.

– Violations have been categorized into nine groups, covering areas such as commercial activities, public hygiene, road and street infractions, building code breaches, and more.

– Road-related violations include penalties for blocking streets without proper authorization. Contractors may face fines ranging from SR6,000 to SR30,000 per location, along with correction costs or required repairs.

– The amendment emphasizes the importance of electronic payment methods, setting fines for failure to provide or display proper payment options. Penalties for not using electronic payment methods range from SR400 to SR2,000.

– Practicing an activity without obtaining a municipal license is considered a serious violation. Penalties range from SR10,000 to SR50,000, depending on the municipality’s classification. Repeat offenses result in doubled fines and potential facility closure until proper licensing is obtained.

– The penalties are tiered based on establishment size, with large businesses subject to 100% of the violation’s value, gradually decreasing to 25% for micro establishments.

– The revised framework aims to enhance the quality of life and cultural landscape, emphasizing progressive fines based on violation type and frequency.

– Violations are categorized into five levels, aligned with mayoralty and municipality classifications.

This updated penalty system reflects the Saudi government’s commitment to enforcing municipal regulations and ensuring urban development aligns with established guidelines.

Note: The Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing has introduced revised penalties for municipal violations, covering various categories including building infractions, commercial activities, and public hygiene.

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