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Saudi Arabia Approves Gregorian Calendar for Official Use

Saudi Arabia has officially sanctioned the use of the Gregorian calendar in all its official transactions and dealings. This decision, made during a Cabinet meeting led by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, reflects the nation’s increasing openness to the global community. However, exceptions will be made for durations tied to Islamic Sharia law, which will continue to be based on the lunar Hijiri calendar or specified explicitly for Hijiri calculations. This shift marks a departure from the 2012 directive that mandated the use of the Hijri calendar in all government and private agency affairs.

Over the past years, Saudi Arabia has witnessed significant socio-economic transformations, with a substantial expatriate community contributing to its diverse demographic landscape. As of May, the country’s total population stood at 32.2 million, with foreigners constituting 41.5 percent of that figure.

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