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Resilient action of Dubai Police.. Officers gave surprise to a prisoner!

As a pleasant surprise to a prisoner who was missing his son in Dubai’s prison, the Dubai police have helped him bring his son and meet both father and son in person. The prisoner expressed his gratitude to the Dubai Police for this action.

The arrangement is said to have been made by public sector officials of the Punitive and Correctional Institutions who, during inspection activities in the jail, noticed that the inmate was always drawing pictures of his son.

The guard said that on the day of the incident, the prisoner had a sudden visitor. He is momentarily taken aback by what the guard said, as there is usually no one to see him.

After that, when he saw his son, who had come to see him, it is said that the eyes of the stunned prisoner burst into tears. Then they embraced each other and expressed their affection and love.

Brigadier Marwan Zalbar, director of the General Department of Correctional Institutions, who witnessed the moment, said, “The meeting between the two was an unbelievable and heart-warming moment.”

Brigadier Zalfar also said that the inmate learned how to draw in prison as part of the department’s educational and vocational programs, and that he often expressed his longing for his son through painting.

However, both the father and son have said that they have met online before and this is the first time they are meeting in person. Significantly, their meeting was made possible by the humanitarian aid initiative ‘Inmate Happiness’, which aims to ease the experiences of inmates in Dubai while serving their sentences.

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