Pakistan Repatriates Over 400,000 Illegal Foreigners, Including Afghans

Pakistan Repatriates Illegal Foreigners

In a concerted effort, Pakistan has successfully repatriated over 400,000 illegal foreigners, including Afghans, ensuring a dignified and safe return to their home countries. The ongoing process of repatriation, particularly focusing on undocumented foreign nationals, is being conducted with efficiency.

According to ARY News, the caretaker government of Pakistan has been actively involved in the repatriation process, establishing transit camps in various districts to provide temporary accommodation for undocumented foreigners. This approach ensures a safe and orderly repatriation from the country.

The report highlighted that thousands of Afghans are returning to their homeland daily through the Chaman and Torkham borders, expressing gratitude to Pakistan for its generosity in facilitating the repatriation process.

The caretaker Provincial Information Minister, Jan Achakzai, reaffirmed the government’s commitment to the repatriation initiative, emphasizing that illegal immigrants would be sent back to their respective countries at any cost. The government has set an ambitious target of deporting 10,000 immigrants daily, with 135,000 already repatriated to Afghanistan.

The minister underscored the importance of this initiative by citing security concerns, stating that Afghans were involved in 16 bomb attacks and sabotage incidents in the past year. The decision to repatriate illegal immigrants aligns with the government’s commitment to addressing security challenges and maintaining order within the country.

The interim government’s proactive approach to repatriation reflects its dedication to managing migration and ensuring the safety and security of both the local population and the repatriated individuals.

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