Oman Empowers Local Companies to Manage Historic Landmarks

In a significant move towards cultural preservation and economic empowerment, Oman’s Ministry of Heritage and Tourism has entrusted the management of 15 cherished historic sites to local companies. This initiative aligns with the Ministry’s overarching strategy to stimulate economic growth through the utilization of cultural heritage, creating opportunities for local employment.

This strategic shift is poised to bolster the preservation of Oman’s national heritage, amplify the tourism sector’s contribution to economic activities, and expand the array of tourist attractions. Notably, as of September 2023, these heritage sites have already welcomed a total of 80,317 visitors.

Among the pivotal heritage sites now under local management are iconic landmarks such as Nizwa Fort in the Al Dakhiliyah Governorate, Jabreen Castle in the Wilayat of Bahla in the same Governorate, and Muttrah Fort in the Muscat Governorate. This milestone also encompasses cultural treasures like Koot Bait Al Askar in the Wilayat of Taqah in Dhofar, the waterfront shops of the archaeological site of Al Baleed Cafés in Salalah, and Nakhal Fort in South Al Batinah, to name a few.

This visionary approach not only preserves Oman’s rich cultural tapestry but also empowers local businesses, fostering a stronger economic ecosystem while enhancing the allure of the Sultanate as a tourist destination.

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