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Oman Airports Celebrates Anniversaries of Muscat and Salalah Airports

Oman Airports marked the fifth anniversary of the opening of Muscat International Airport and the eighth anniversary of Salalah Airport, highlighting their pivotal role in fostering tourism, travel, and national achievements within the framework of Oman’s Renewed Renaissance led by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik.

Muscat International Airport’s Milestones:

Since its inauguration on November 11, 2018, Muscat International Airport has witnessed remarkable progress, ascending approximately 52 places in the global list of best airports in terms of services and passenger satisfaction. The airport has competed effectively within its category of handling 15-25 million passengers, earning international accolades, including the Best New Pioneering Airport at the 25th World Travel Awards.

During the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Muscat International Airport became the first in the Middle East to receive a health accreditation certificate for travel safety procedures. The airport’s commitment to excellence was further recognized with awards for the Best Airport in the Quality of Airport Service, the Most Dedicated Airport Staff in the Middle East, Easiest Travel Procedures, and the Cleanest Airport in the Middle East.

The airport’s initiatives extended to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs), offering sales outlets for such enterprises within the airport premises. Additionally, Muscat International Airport hosts the Innovation Lab, providing a platform for creative ideas and start-up companies in the aviation sector.

Muscat International Airport has emerged as a hub for emerging airlines, particularly budget carriers. In terms of environmental sustainability, the airport actively participates in international environmental programs, managing carbon emissions, recycling agricultural waste, and incorporating hybrid hydrogen stations.

Salalah Airport’s Achievements:

Salalah Airport, classified as a five-star airport by Skytrax since 2019, has consistently maintained its high standards and received numerous awards. Recognized for carbon accreditation and operational excellence, the airport has been a key component of Oman Vision 2024.

The airport’s architectural brilliance, coupled with its operational efficiency, has earned it international acclaim. Salalah Airport secured the Best Airport Award, Most Dedicated Airport Staff Award, Easiest Travel Procedures Award, and the Cleanest Airport in the Middle East Award at the International Airport Service Quality Awards in 2022.

Salalah Airport’s success story continued as it expanded its air traffic during the Khareef Dhofar season in 2023, witnessing a substantial increase in both total air traffic and passenger numbers. The airport also established a groundbreaking connection between sea and air freight operations, linking Salalah Airport with the Port of Salalah.

Designed with the latest international systems and technologies, Salalah Airport contributes significantly to the economic and tourism sectors of the Dhofar Governorate and the entire Sultanate of Oman. With a focus on expansion and continuous improvement, Salalah Airport remains a vital asset in enhancing tourism and economic development in the region.

As both Muscat and Salalah airports celebrate their anniversaries, Oman Airports and its strategic partners reaffirm their commitment to global standards, innovation, sustainability, and excellence, striving to maintain the airports among the finest in the world. The achievements underscore the collective efforts made to position Oman as a prominent hub in the global aviation landscape.

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