Mohamed Al-Fayed passed away in London on Friday

Mohamed Al-Fayed, a millionaire of Egyptian descent, passed away in London on Friday, according to his family.

Mr. Al-Fayed was formerly one of Britain’s most prominent businesspeople. He was not just the former owner of Fulham FC but also of the Paris Ritz Hotel and the upscale department store Harrods.
He was the father of Dodi Fayed, who perished in a 1997 automobile accident in Paris with Princess Diana. He lamented the loss for the rest of his life.

In a statement, the family said, “Mrs. Mohamed Al-Fayed wishes to report that her loving husband, their father, and their grandpa, Mohamed, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.
He spent his entire long and happy retirement with his loved ones. At this time, the family has requested that their privacy be maintained. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Mr. Al-Fayed relocated to London in the 1960s and started to develop his business there.

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