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Mandatory Use of UAE Pass for Accessing Industrial Services Announced

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has introduced a mandatory requirement for clients and companies to utilize the digital national identity, UAE Pass, when accessing industrial standards, conformity, and national accreditation services via the website or smartphone app. This move aligns with national digital transformation goals and supports the objectives outlined in the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology.

Humaid Hassan Al Shamsi, Director of the Customer Happiness Department at MoIAT, emphasized the positive reception of UAE Pass during the trial phase, aimed at enhancing the client experience. He highlighted that this initiative will significantly enhance the performance and growth of the UAE’s industrial sector, providing streamlined online access to MoIAT services, ultimately bolstering competitiveness and sustainability.

Al Shamsi reported, “A total of 16,574 companies have registered for UAE Pass. This is a significant increase, which reflects the dedication of MoIAT’s clients and their understanding of the importance of this initiative, which gives them immediate, secure access to numerous services. It also indicates their confidence in UAE Pass in simplifying administrative procedures and enhancing engagement.”

He emphasized that this efficient service delivery aligns with MoIAT’s directives and the government’s digital transformation strategy. Al Shamsi encouraged clients to adopt the new digital national identity system, which not only improves the business environment but also facilitates access to government services through digital platforms.

The transition to online processes, made mandatory in mid-July, enables clients to digitally obtain document signatures and verifications without the need to visit a service center. MoIAT has provided comprehensive guidelines, available in both Arabic and English, outlining the registration process and linking accounts to UAE Pass.

Clients can download the UAE Pass smartphone app from Apple Store or Google Play and complete the registration process, which involves uploading an Emirates ID, verifying a mobile phone number and email address, and creating a password for accessing government services.

*Note: UAE Pass is a digital national identity system introduced to streamline access to government services through digital platforms.*



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