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Kuwaiti Court Issues Sentences in Road Altercation Case

In a recent ruling, the Court of Appeals in Kuwait has sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to six months in prison with hard labour for assaulting another citizen in a public altercation that also involved a vehicular collision, resulting in damage to both vehicles.

The court cleared the second defendant and his brother of charges related to physically assaulting the first defendant, as it was determined that a dispute over the right of way had escalated into the altercation.

The charges against both the first and second defendants included engaging in a physical altercation, each inflicting injuries upon the other as documented in the medical reports, and intentionally causing damage to properties with the intent to harm. The first defendant was found responsible for the damage to the second defendant’s vehicle, while the second defendant caused damage to the first defendant’s vehicle.

Additionally, the third defendant, who is the brother of the first defendant, faced charges for allegedly threatening the first defendant in an attempt to dissuade him from filing a complaint against his sibling.

During the court proceedings, Lawyer Muhammad Al-Sayegh, representing the second defendant and his brother, argued that the first defendant’s statements lacked credibility and that the presented documents did not sufficiently support the accusations.

He urged the court to acquit his clients of the charges and to hold the first defendant accountable in accordance with the law.

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