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New Kuwait Laws, No longer Foreigners can Leave without Settling Fines

Expatriates living in Kuwait must leave Kuwait after paying the outstanding fines properly before exiting the country. It should be noted that this includes fines imposed for traffic violations.

Therefore, expatriates must properly pay the fines for pending traffic violations before leaving Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior for Emigrants said.

The Ministry of Public Sector has said that this procedure is being implemented to ensure proper collection of debts due to the Ministry. Also, the law to carry out this action is already the Aliens Residency Law Ordinance no. (17/1959) and Decree-Law no. (67/1976) stated that

Therefore, any foreigner should resolve the traffic violations registered with their profile before leaving for their home country and a dedicated electronic portal has been set up for this purpose.

Therefore, the Ministry has established convenient channels for this process to allow individuals to pay their dues through the e-portal or by visiting the designated departments attached to the Public Transport Department.

These departments are located in various governorates and offices located within land and sea ports including Kuwait International Airport to facilitate payments by foreigners.

Also, the procedure will come into effect from Saturday, August 19, 2023. By following the legal norms of the country, the public order and security of the country can be stopped and the government has asked foreigners to follow this practice wrongly considering the well-being of the country.

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