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Kuwait Announces Long Weekends for Upcoming Holidays in February 2024

Kuwait has officially declared the dates for two long weekend holidays in February 2024, enhancing the celebratory atmosphere for its citizens. According to reports, the holidays of Isra and Mi’raj, National Day, and Liberation Day will create two extended weekends during the month.

The first long weekend is set for February 8 to February 10, aligning with the Isra and Mi’raj holiday. Kuwait follows a Friday and Saturday weekend structure, providing a three-day break for the populace before resuming work on Sunday, February 11.

The second extended weekend, spanning from February 23 to February 26, corresponds to the National Day and Liberation Day holidays. With these holidays falling on Sunday, February 25, and Monday, February 26, Kuwaitis can relish a four-day weekend, returning to work on Tuesday.

Kuwait’s proactive approach to public holidays contributes to the well-being and relaxation of its citizens, providing them with opportunities to celebrate and spend quality time with family and friends.

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