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Kenya Declares Special Holiday for Planting 100 Million Trees

In a move to combat climate change, Kenya has declared a special holiday for citizens to participate in a national tree planting initiative. The government’s goal is to plant 15 billion trees within a decade, with each Kenyan encouraged to plant at least two seedlings. This special holiday is dedicated to planting 100 million trees, contributing to the broader environmental objective.

The initiative is part of a global effort to address climate change, as trees play a crucial role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. The Kenyan government is actively involved in the initiative, making approximately 150 million seedlings available in public nurseries. These seedlings are provided free of charge at forest agency centers for planting in designated public areas.

While the government encourages citizens to take advantage of the free seedlings, it also promotes individual responsibility by urging Kenyans to purchase at least two seedlings for planting on their own land. President William Ruto is leading the tree planting exercise in Makueni in the eastern part of the country, with cabinet ministers and county governors leading similar efforts in other regions.

To monitor and track the progress of the tree planting initiative, an internet app called “Jaza Miti” has been introduced. The app allows individuals and organizations to record their tree planting activities, including details such as plant species, quantity, and date planted. Additionally, the app assists in selecting appropriate seedlings for specific sites by matching them with suitable species, as outlined by the environment ministry.

This significant tree planting effort reflects Kenya’s commitment to environmental sustainability and aligns with global initiatives to address climate change and promote reforestation.

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