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Jeddah Municipality Takes Swift Action Against Illegal Street Vendors

In a proactive move, Jeddah Municipality has seized a significant quantity of fruits and vegetables, totaling six tons, that were being unlawfully displayed in unauthorized stalls. This decisive action was executed by officers from the airport sub-municipality as part of a broader campaign targeting illegal street vending in Jeddah’s Al-Safa neighborhood.

The municipality’s monitoring teams executed the campaign, resulting in the confiscation of produce showcased in makeshift stalls operated by unauthorized vendors in the vegetable market. Alongside this, 14 wooden carts utilized for transporting the goods were also apprehended. Additionally, several stalls obstructing roads and sidewalks were promptly removed from the neighborhood.

Jeddah Municipality has been actively conducting various campaigns to curb the practice of random selling, ultimately enhancing the urban landscape and ensuring adherence to health regulations. The municipality also commended residents for their invaluable contributions in reporting violations through channels like the Balady app or the dedicated emergency hotline, 940.

This swift and decisive action exemplifies the municipality’s commitment to maintaining order and safety within the city, ultimately elevating the quality of services provided to its residents.

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