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Jeddah Book Fair Unveils “Havens of Culture” with Over 1,000 Publishers

Jeddah, the vibrant Saudi port city, has come alive with the buzz of the Jeddah Book Fair, featuring the participation of more than 1,000 local and international publishers. Held under the theme “Havens of Culture,” the fair, organized by the government Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission, kicked off on Thursday and will captivate audiences until December 16.

Spread across 400 pavilions, the event is a literary extravaganza offering a rich tapestry of experiences to visitors. Seminars, debates, poetic recitals, and workshops are among the myriad activities that attendees can engage in during this cultural celebration.

Mohammed Hassan Elwan, Chief Executive of the Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission, highlighted the fair’s role in making books accessible across the kingdom, fostering awareness and knowledge. This edition of the Jeddah Book Fair follows the commission’s initiative to bring literature to different parts of Saudi Arabia.

The fair goes beyond the traditional book exhibition, featuring a dedicated corner for Saudi authors, showcasing over 100 titles to support independent writers. A special pavilion for children combines learning and entertainment with shows, fashion, culinary arts, music, and workshops on illustrated stories.

Aligned with the Year of Arabic Poetry in Saudi Arabia, designated in 2023, the fair hosts events like “The Poet Says” and “Audio Poems,” enriching the literary experience for enthusiasts.

The Jeddah Book Fair is the fourth of its kind organized by the Saudi Literature, Publishing, and Translation Commission this year, following successful editions in the Eastern Province, Medina, and Riyadh. In September, the Riyadh International Book Fair, the largest in Saudi Arabia, captivated audiences at King Saud University under the slogan “An Inspiring Destination.”

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