International Cruise Ship Arrives in Oman with Tourists from the UK

An international cruise ship, arriving from the United Kingdom, has docked at the Sultan Qaboos Tourist Port in Oman, carrying approximately 300 tourists. Additionally, Salalah Port received another cruise ship with 865 passengers, including 430 tourists. Over the next two days, 800 to 900 tourists are expected to arrive at Muscat International Airport to commence their regional tours from Oman.

The cruise ship from the UK brought around 300 tourists to the Sultan Qaboos Tourist Port, while the Salalah Port received a cruise ship with 865 passengers, including 430 tourists.The cruise ship’s passenger program included visits to significant archaeological, tourist, and historical landmarks in the Dhofar Governorate, along with exploring the beaches and traditional markets in the city of Salalah.The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, in collaboration with relevant institutions, aims to position Omani ports as starting points for international cruise ship itineraries. The goal is to leverage the facilities and services at Muscat International Airport and provide opportunities for Omani tourism companies and associated service sectors.This marks the third experience of an international cruise ship exchanging tourists in Oman. Previous experiences in the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons achieved the desired goals.Oman attracts several cruise ships annually due to its strategic maritime location overlooking the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and the Sea of Oman.

The arrival of international cruise ships and the exchange of tourists contribute to the advancement of Oman’s tourism sector, providing opportunities for local businesses in navigation, transportation, and hospitality. The government’s efforts aim to capitalize on Oman’s tourism potential and enhance its position as a destination for global travelers.

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