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Innovations for People of Determination Shine at AccessAbilities Expo

The 5th edition of the AccessAbilities Expo, inaugurated in Dubai, unveils a range of groundbreaking innovations aimed at enhancing the lives of over 50 million people of determination in the region. The event serves as a platform for more than 250 exhibitors to showcase their initiatives, plans, and cutting-edge technologies.

Here are some of the standout innovations featured at the expo:

1. Sensory Pods: Designed for children with autism, these pods offer a multisensory experience with a combination of a TV, mirror, and moving lights. The intention is to provide a calming environment during moments of sensory overload.

2. eBrelle Laptop: Tailored for individuals with visual impairments, the eBrelle laptop converts digital text files into Braille characters. It also includes the complete Holy Quran with voice guidance and translation, along with note-taking capabilities.

3.Talking Microwave: Equipped with tactile buttons, this microwave assists blind individuals in operating the appliance independently. It vocalizes the functions of each button, facilitating ease of use.

4.Dream Phone: This device aids those with hearing and speech impairments by converting speech into text for phone calls. It can be attached to any phone, enabling seamless communication.

5.Tactile Graphic Printers: This innovation transforms graphics or photos into Braille format, enabling individuals with visual disabilities to interpret images.

6. Accessible Kiosk: Designed for public spaces, this kiosk offers directions tailored to the needs of people of determination. It provides Braille maps, audio messages, and sign language assistance. Additionally, the screen height adjusts automatically as users approach.

7.Tactile Chess Set: Geared towards making games more accessible for those with visual impairments, this set features magnetic pieces and a board for an enhanced gaming experience.

8.All-Terrain Wheelchair (Action Trackchair): Catering to individuals with physical disabilities, this wheelchair provides complete outdoor mobility. It is equipped with powerful motors for traversing sand and snow, and offers both sitting and standing positions, enabling activities like fishing, BBQs, and other outdoor pursuits.

The AccessAbilities Expo continues to serve as a vital platform for showcasing innovations that have a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals with diverse abilities.

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