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Inclusive Elections: Citizens of All Ages Cast Their Votes in FNC 2023

In-person early voting for the UAE’s Federal National Council (FNC) elections 2023 continued with enthusiasm on Thursday, drawing a commendable turnout at polling centers nationwide. Emirati voters lauded the electoral process for its seamless and user-friendly experience, with many expressing that casting their votes took no more than five minutes.

From the young to the elderly, a diverse array of citizens, including individuals with mobility challenges, were seen at the Sharjah Cultural and Chess Club casting their votes. An FNC candidate present at the site described the voting process as “very simple.”

“The environment here is quite good and everything is proceeding smoothly. People are casting votes online also, and this option is very beneficial for those who can’t come to the centre,” the candidate noted.

Volunteers stationed at polling centers extended warm welcomes and offered assistance to voters. Both male and female volunteers were on hand to ensure a seamless election process. Adequate parking facilities were provided, and buggies were deployed to transport voters from parking lots to the center.

The early voting period for this year’s FNC elections spanned two days, from October 4 to 5. The main election day is scheduled for October 7, from 8 am to 8 pm, with 24 main centers prepared for the polls. Emiratis also have the option to vote remotely from October 4 to 7.

According to a report in August, there are a total of 398,879 registered voters for this year, signifying an 18.1 percent increase from the 2019 figure of 337,738 Emiratis. Women constitute 51 percent of the voters this year. A substantial portion of the voters, 55 percent, fall between the ages of 21 and 40, with those aged 31-40 accounting for 29.89 percent.

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