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ICBF’s Counselor Camps: A Lifeline for Indians in Qatar’s Outlying Areas

The Indian Cultural and Benevolent Fund (ICBF) has been organizing counselor camps for Indians living in the outlying areas outside of Doha, Qatar. These camps serve a crucial purpose in catering to the basic needs of Indian expatriates residing in these areas.

The camp’s location in Dukhan has made it accessible to a significant number of Indian residents in the region. Dhukhan is one of the outlying areas of Doha, and having such services available there can be highly beneficial for the community.

These counselor camps typically offer various services and support to Indian expatriates. This can include assistance with legal and documentation matters, counseling and guidance on personal and professional issues, and information on government schemes and programs. The aim is to address the concerns and needs of the Indian community and provide them with valuable resources.

The visit by Sandeepkumar, the deputy head of mission of India, highlights the importance of these camps and the Indian government’s commitment to supporting its citizens abroad. Such initiatives help strengthen the bond between the Indian expatriate community and their home country, ensuring that they receive the necessary assistance and guidance while living overseas.

Overall, these counselor camps play a significant role in enhancing the well-being and quality of life for Indian expatriates in Qatar, particularly those living in outlying areas like Dhukhan. They provide a valuable platform for addressing various issues and ensuring that the Indian community receives the support they need.

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