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Global Climate Activists at COP28 Demand Ceasefire and Climate Justice

Around 2,000 climate activists at the ongoing COP28 in Dubai took to the streets on Saturday, joining a global action demanding climate justice and the protection of human rights. Carrying a massive black banner with “Ceasefire Now” written in English and Arabic, the protesters marched around the UN-controlled Blue Zone. The demonstration, approved by the UNFCC, marked the largest at the UN Climate Summit in Dubai, emphasizing solidarity with the people of Palestine and advocating for an immediate ceasefire. The protesters called for an end to decades of settler colonialism and apartheid, echoing the sentiments of social movements worldwide.

  • The protest was part of the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice, with more than 300 cities participating worldwide.
  • The COP28 Coalition, an alliance of over 350 climate civil society organizations from 75 countries, highlighted the need for global citizens to call for an end to settler colonialism and apartheid, in addition to a ceasefire.
  • The demonstration at COP28 was ten times larger than the previous sit-down rally and featured emotional moments, with activists tearing up as the names of Palestinians killed in Israeli bombings were read.
  • Participants wore keffiyehs, waved watermelon banners, and carried placards with messages such as ‘Land back; Stop the occupation; Right of return.’
  • The protest called for immediate climate action and equitable financial support for communities severely impacted by climate change.
  • Speeches focused on climate justice demands and an end to violence in Gaza, where Israeli bombardment has reportedly killed over 17,000 people, with 70% of them women and children, and injured more than 46,000 individuals.
  • Indigenous people conducted storytelling, humming, and invocations during the protest, expressing solidarity with the people of Palestine.
  • Simultaneous protest actions were reported across Asia, including cities in the Philippines, Nepal, India, and Pakistan, reaffirming support for victims of genocide and the environment.
  • The Global Day of Action for Climate Justice condemned the US veto of the UN resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with 13 votes in favor, one against (US), and the UK abstaining.


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