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Gaza Struggles Amidst Devastating Israeli Strikes

As Israeli airstrikes continue to pummel the sealed-off Gaza Strip, entire neighborhoods lie in ruins, and hospitals face critical shortages. A looming power blackout adds to the already dire situation. Israel’s retaliation against Hamas militants has led to widespread destruction, with city blocks reduced to rubble and a mounting, but unknown, number of casualties.

The death toll from the Israeli aggression has surged to 974, with over 5,000 injured, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry. In Gaza, 950 have lost their lives, while in the West Bank, 24 have been martyred and nearly 150 injured. The conflict’s fifth day sees continued Israeli violations against Palestinians.

UNRWA, responsible for aiding Palestine refugees, laments its inability to deliver aid to Gaza since Saturday. The agency’s employees work diligently despite the perilous circumstances. Four UNRWA employees have lost their lives, and 14 of its facilities have suffered damage.

The agency’s headquarters also sustained collateral damage. UNRWA is hosting over 170,000 people in more than 80 facilities throughout Gaza, and the closure of food distribution centers raises concerns of dwindling supplies, including fuel.

The UN calls for an end to the fighting and urges all parties to safeguard civilian lives and infrastructure.

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