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Fatal Shootout Among Migrants Highlights Perils of EU Entry Routes

The incident occurred in an abandoned warehouse complex in Horgos, a village near Serbia’s border with Hungary. The shootout involved migrants, and it remains unclear who initiated the gunfire. This tragic event highlights the ongoing struggle for control over routes used by smuggling rings to enter the EU.

Law enforcement officers were quick to respond to the scene, though an official statement from the police is still pending. This region has been known for incidents of violence and clashes among migrants, as they seek alternative routes into the EU.

Hungarian authorities have urged EU leaders to take decisive action to prevent further migration through this area. The Hungarian government has previously taken steps to secure its border with Serbia, including the installation of a razor wire fence.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers and challenges faced by migrants attempting to navigate through these entry routes. It also highlights the broader issues related to migration and the need for coordinated efforts to ensure border security and the safety of individuals involved.

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