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Egypt Offers Tent City for Displaced Palestinians in Gaza

In response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza, Egypt has extended an offer to set up a tent city within the territory to accommodate Palestinians displaced by the war. The proposal aims to alleviate concerns about a potential mass migration into the Sinai Peninsula. Under the plan, Egypt would oversee the operation of these camps, providing urgent aid services and establishing a field hospital to attend to the medical needs of the displaced population.

As the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continue to conduct targeted strikes in Gaza, they have been focused on facilities utilized by Hamas and other militant groups. These include command and control centers, weapons manufacturing and storage sites, communication hubs, observation posts, tunnel entrances, and rocket launchers. Notably, residences belonging to senior Hamas officials have also been targeted, resulting in injuries to family members of high-ranking figures like Ismail Haniyeh and Yahya Sinwar.

While over 60 Hamas government installations have sustained damage, essential services like hospitals, municipal offices, and village councils remain operational. Despite this, Hamas reportedly restricts residents’ movement towards southern areas. Israeli authorities have urged inhabitants of northern Gaza communities to relocate to the south in anticipation of a potential ground incursion.

Presently, large sections of Gaza are grappling with power outages, while water supply has partially resumed in the southern regions of the Strip. A convoy of 17 trucks, transporting vital supplies including food, water, and medicine, recently entered Gaza through Egypt’s Rafah border crossing. It’s worth noting that Rafah is the only border crossing controlled by Egypt, distinct from those managed by Israel. The Kerem Shalom crossing, the main conduit for commercial deliveries into Gaza, is currently closed due to security concerns.

The situation in Gaza remains fluid, with humanitarian efforts, security operations, and diplomatic initiatives unfolding concurrently.

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