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Education Empowerment: Bahraini Prisoners to Pursue Master’s Degrees

In a progressive move, Bahrain is set to offer inmates the opportunity to pursue master’s degrees as part of an initiative that aims to enable prisoners to continue their university studies. This program, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, highlights the nation’s commitment to empowering all citizens to develop their skills and contribute to the betterment of their communities.

The Education Minister and Chairman of the Higher Education Council (HEC) Board of Trustees, Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma, underscored the significance of this initiative in promoting rehabilitation and reintegration into society for inmates. He commended the unwavering support of Minister of Interior General Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa in the implementation of best practices and ensuring the rights of inmates.

A total of 192 inmates from reformation and rehabilitation centers have expressed their desire to embark on higher education journeys, enrolling in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. These academic majors include fields such as business management, accounting, geography, and history.

The initiative not only reflects a commitment to educational inclusivity but also recognizes the potential for positive transformation and reintegration that education can bring to individuals who are currently incarcerated. It aligns with Bahrain’s broader goals of fostering personal growth and skill development among its citizens.

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