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Dubai Tops Global List of Preferred Cities for Relocation, Says Study

Dubai has emerged as the top choice for people around the world looking to relocate, according to a study conducted by Remitly, a US-based online remittance service. The study analyzed Google search data from 164 countries over the period from October 2022 to September 2023, using the search term “move to [city]”. The city that appeared most frequently as the number one choice for each country was considered the most preferred destination.

Dubai outshone cities like Miami, Paris, and New York, securing its position as the most sought-after city for relocation. Approximately 60 countries expressed interest in moving to Dubai. This preference can be attributed to factors like strong employment opportunities, modern infrastructure, a safe and peaceful environment, and relatively stable weather conditions. Dubai’s cosmopolitan population and excellent connectivity with the rest of the world further contribute to its appeal.

The study also provided insights from various geographical regions:

– United States: 74% of the US population across 47 out of 50 states selected Dubai as their preferred international destination if they were to move abroad.

– Canada: Seven out of 10 Canadian provinces chose Dubai as their top destination for relocation, followed by cities like New York, Miami, and Doha.

– Europe: Dubai emerged as the top choice in 14 European countries, closely followed by Brussels and London.

– Asia and Africa: Seven Asian countries, including India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, expressed a preference for Dubai. Additionally, 20 African countries, including Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria, showed interest in relocating to Dubai.

This study underscores Dubai’s global appeal as a destination for those seeking new opportunities and a diverse, vibrant lifestyle. The city’s continuous growth and development initiatives continue to attract individuals from around the world.

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