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Dubai Remains a Global Magnet for Capital, Talent, and Innovation

For the third consecutive year, Dubai has solidified its status as a leading global city in attracting and retaining capital, people, and innovative ideas. Kearney’s Global Cities Index places Dubai 23rd in its Global Cities Report, surpassing other prominent cities like Barcelona, Istanbul, and Boston. Recognized for its world-class infrastructure, business-friendly regulations, safety, and connectivity, Dubai serves as the commercial hub of the region. Abu Dhabi also made significant progress in the global rankings, showcasing its growing status as a prominent international hub. Additionally, cities like Riyadh, Muscat, and Doha demonstrated notable advancements, propelled by their success in attracting talent and tourism amidst the return to pre-pandemic levels of international travel. Overall, Gulf cities are emerging as strong centers of prosperity, resilience, and opportunity in the post-pandemic world.

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