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Dubai Lad Yug Trains in Chennai, Sets Sights High

17-year-old all-rounder Yug Sharma enhances his skills at Omega International School under top coaches

Dubai Lad Yug Trains in Chennai, Aims High

Chennai, Jul 8: At just 17 years old, Yug Sharma, an ambitious all-rounder from Dubai, is making significant strides in his cricketing journey. Currently training under the guidance of renowned coach Vincent Stephen, Yug is participating in the ‘Coaching Beyond Chennai’ programme at Omega International School. This prestigious programme offers young cricketers a unique opportunity to enhance their skills and gain invaluable experience.

Yug Sharma, who has made a name for himself as a left-arm pace bowling all-rounder, is particularly excited about the chance to work with esteemed coaches. Among them is former India bowling coach B. Arun, whose expertise and insights are highly regarded in the cricketing world. “This camp has allowed me to work with a world-class coach like Bharat Arun sir, who has provided me with deep insights and knowledge about bowling. Arun sir identified several issues in my bowling technique that I was previously unaware of,” Yug said.

The training experience in Chennai has been overwhelmingly positive for Yug. He has been inspired by the dedication and hard work of his peers and the supportive environment at the academy. “The atmosphere here is incredibly motivating. Everyone is focused on improving their game, and that collective drive pushes me to work harder,” Yug explained.

Yug’s primary objective during this training period is to increase his pace while ensuring that his bowling action remains efficient and smooth. In addition to enhancing his bowling speed, he is keen on improving his consistency and performance to reach higher levels of competitive cricket. His immediate goal is to represent the UAE U-19 cricket team later this year, a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

In expressing his gratitude for his coach, Yug emphasized the profound impact Vincent Stephen has had on his development. “Vincent sir is my childhood coach and has been a major influence on my success so far. His support has been unwavering. He has taught me crucial techniques, skills, and the discipline needed to excel in cricket,” Yug said.

Coach Vincent Stephen, in turn, has praised Yug’s dedication and potential. “Yug’s commitment to the sport is exceptional. He approaches each training session with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. His ability to integrate feedback and apply it effectively in his game is impressive. I am confident that Yug has a bright future ahead in cricket,” Stephen remarked.

Yug Sharma’s cricketing journey includes participation in the UAE Under-16 and Under-19 teams. His training in Chennai is seen as a pivotal step towards his goal of representing the UAE in the next Under-19 Cricket World Cup. This opportunity to train alongside top-notch coaches and players is expected to be instrumental in his preparation for this prestigious tournament.

Reflecting on his experience, Yug shared his enthusiasm for the training programme. “Every day at the academy is an opportunity for growth. I am learning new techniques and strategies, and the competitive environment here is incredibly inspiring. The commitment of everyone around me pushes me to strive for excellence,” Yug stated.

As Yug Sharma continues his training in Chennai, his story serves as a testament to the aspirations and hard work of young athletes striving for excellence. His dedication to improving his skills, combined with the support of experienced mentors, underscores the promising future of UAE cricket. Yug’s journey is not only about personal achievement but also about contributing to the development of cricket in the UAE, making him a source of inspiration for aspiring cricketers in the region and beyond.

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