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Dubai Airshow 2023: 5 Aircraft to Look Out For

The upcoming Dubai Airshow 2023 is set to showcase several exciting aircraft, reflecting the future of aviation across passenger, cargo, and executive sectors. Here are five aircraft expected to draw attention at the event:

1. Boeing 777-9:

Status: In-flight testing
Number built: 4
Planned introduction: 2025
The Boeing 777-9, part of the 777X family, is anticipated to enter service soon, offering improved efficiency, performance, and capacity. The folding winglets contribute to space efficiency at the gate.

2. Archer Aviation’s Midnight (eVTOL):

Status: In testing
Current partners: United Airlines
Archer Aviation, a California-based startup, aims to revolutionize electric air taxi services with its fully electric, vertical takeoff-capable rotorcraft, Midnight. United Airlines has already ordered 100 units.

3. Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000:

Number in Qatar’s fleet: 24
Introduction to service: 2015
Qatar Airways displays the A350-1000 at the airshow, signifying a mended relationship with Airbus after issues that led to the grounding of the aircraft.

4. BeOnd’s Airbus A319:

Business model: All premium leisure carriers
Aircraft purchased: Exclusively Airbus A319s
The Maldives-based carrier, BeOnd, is pioneering a premium leisure model by operating all-business-class flights between Male and European/Middle Eastern cities.

5. Bombardier Challenger 3500:

Aircraft type: Business jet
Range: 3,400 nautical miles
Maximum capacity: 10
Launched in 2021, the Challenger 3500 is Bombardier’s latest business jet offering, featuring advanced designs, auto-throttles, and enhanced cabin amenities.

The Dubai Airshow is expected to witness orders, agreements, and unveilings, providing insights into the aviation industry’s future trajectory.

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