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Coordinated Approach: Kuwait Targets Expats’ Outstanding Debts

The number of governmental organizations in charge of collecting unpaid bills from expats leaving Kuwait has increased to four ministries with the recent addition of the Justice ministry, the Transportation ministry, and the “Electricity” and “Traffic” agencies. Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, who is committed to put an end to the period of unpaid debts within ministries and state institutions, has closely monitored and directed the execution of this effort.

Several discussions with the necessary ministries, agencies, and authorities led to Al-Khaled’s decision to coordinate the efforts of several government departments in the collection of expats’ state-owed debts, said a knowledgeable government source. According to these conversations, foreigners owed a combined total of about half a billion dinars in debts, penalties, and service costs.

The First Deputy Prime Minister acted quickly to set up an effective structure for government agency cooperation in response to this serious financial problem. In order to protect public finances and make sure that the state treasury receives all of the money that is owed, the main goal is to speed up the collection of outstanding sums.

Sources close to the situation claim that this coordinated strategy will eventually include more organizations. Progressively joining the endeavor will be departments and organizations including the Ministry of Health, Kuwait Municipality, Ministry of Commerce, Environment Public Authority, and others.

These conversations revealed that significant quantities of money and debts owing by foreigners have previously gone uncollected as a result of slack enforcement and ineffective processes. These sums had accumulated to the point that they were considered “bad money.” Many expats were either no longer in the nation or were unable to return because of events like death or deportation. According to estimates, over the course of several years, these unpaid obligations totaled over 3 billion dinars.

In conclusion, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled’s new policies are expected to end the period of unpaid obligations. They were put into place. No expatriate or foreign visitor will be permitted to leave the nation from now on unless all of their unpaid bills and obligations have been satisfied. The objective of this program is to maintain the integrity of the country’s finances and ensure financial responsibility.

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