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Changes in gasoline prices in September

The UAE has released its gasoline pricing for September in accordance with its custom of doing so each month. Gas prices continued to rise in September after rising in August.

Petrol prices in the country have fluctuated throughout the course of the last year, but they are currently far higher than they were at this time last year.

UAE petrol and diesel prices since September 1, the cost of filling up vehicles in the UAE will be:
Special 95 – AED3.31 litre from AED3.02 in August
Super 98 – AED3.42 a litre from AED3.14 in August
E-Plus – AED3.23 a litre from AED2.95 in August
Diesel – AED3.40 a litre from AED2.95 in August

The energy ministers of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates agreed in April to voluntarily cut their oil output until the end of the current year.

The UAE will cut production by 144,000 barrels per day, while Saudi Arabia will cut production by 500,000 barrels per day beginning in May and continuing until the beginning of 2024.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Energy, this reduction is consistent with the efforts of some OPEC and non-OPEC member countries as part of the Declaration of Cooperation.

According to SPA, which cited an official source in the country’s Ministry of Energy, “Saudi Arabia will extend the voluntary cut of one million barrels per day, which began to be applied in the current month of July, for another month, to include the month of September, with the possibility of extending or extending and increasing this.”

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