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Bahrain Shines Green in Celebration of Saudi National Day

The Kingdom of Bahrain joined in the celebration of the 93rd Saudi National Day on September 23rd by illuminating its landmarks and important facilities in the vibrant color green. Numerous official and private institutions in Bahrain took part in this symbolic gesture, displaying solidarity and honor for Saudi Arabia. Additionally, citizens in Bahrain adorned their vehicles with the Saudi flag, further demonstrating their support and participation in the festivities.

Across various governorates in Bahrain, special events, programs, and celebrations were organized to commemorate this cherished occasion. These festivities not only serve as a mark of respect for Saudi Arabia but also highlight the enduring and strong fraternal ties between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The illuminated landmarks and enthusiastic participation from the citizens of Bahrain contribute to the shared sense of unity and friendship between the two nations.

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