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Bahrain: 14 year old Kerala boy dies falling from balcony.

The incident of an Indian boy living in Bahrain who fell from the balcony of a residential building and died has caused great sadness among the people of the area.

Shajeer and Faiza, both from Palayankadi in Kannur, Kerala, were living with their son in Zafar Nabar, Bahrain. Sayan Ahmed is 14 years old and is studying in Class 10 at New Millennium School in Bahrain.

The family had recently migrated to Bahrain from Oman. Sayan died after falling from the 11th floor of his residential building last Saturday.

It is reported that the body of the deceased Sayan is currently kept in the mortuary of Salmaniya Hospital.

Incidents of children falling from balconies and falling to their deaths are happening here and there. The authorities have informed the residents several times about this. However, sometimes accidents like this cause tension and sadness for everyone.

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