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Asian Couple Sentenced for Passport Forgery in Bahrain Entry Attempt

An Asian couple has been sentenced to three years in prison and immediate deportation from Bahrain after entering the country using counterfeit passports. Initially arriving in the UAE with authentic Malaysian passports, they were able to pass through security due to their similar physical features. As a result, their passports were officially stamped at Bahrain International Airport, granting them entry.

They spent three days in Bahrain before attempting to return to their home country, still using the forged passports. However, suspicions arose among airport staff, leading to a thorough investigation that confirmed their true identities did not match the documents.

Upon interrogation, the couple confessed to assuming false identities in order to enter Bahrain, motivated by concerns over the security of their own country’s passport. Subsequently, they were apprehended and brought to trial for their actions. This incident underscores the seriousness of passport forgery and its legal consequences.

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