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Abu Dhabi Police Issue Vital Safety Reminder for Motorists

Adherence to Traffic Rules Crucial for Road Safety

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a crucial reminder to motorists emphasizing the importance of following traffic regulations to ensure safety on the road.

The authority particularly urges drivers to avoid causing disturbances on highways, such as tailgating, unnecessary honking, and the use of high beams, all of which can divert the attention of fellow motorists and lead to accidents.

Motorists are reminded to maintain proper lane discipline, especially when driving at slower speeds. Failure to yield to vehicles with the right of way or not allowing vehicles to pass from the left overtaking lane may result in a Dh400 fine.

Insufficient spacing between vehicles is identified as a leading cause of traffic accidents. In Abu Dhabi, this violation can lead to the impoundment of the vehicle. To retrieve an impounded car, a fee of Dh5,000 is required, and payment must be made within three months. After this period, the vehicle will be subject to auction. Additionally, this violation incurs a Dh400 fine and 4 black points.

Abiding by these traffic rules is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial measure in safeguarding the well-being of all road users.

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